Nail Art – Purple Transfer and Black stars sponsored by KkcenterHk


Thanks to my dearest sponsor KkcenterHk I get to know about some curious products, that can simplify the hole existence :D. I have review about nail stickers, cute Little glitter and some decorative ítems for nails but the Transfer foil was a totally new!

It`s really hard to obtain metalic nails with only nail polish, this transfer (sponsor sent Purple this time) can be glued on the nails and voila! They have a little tutorial:

Once you get practice with the glue is really easy to use (glue is really messy in any kind of situation, patience is needed). The color is neat and outstanding, they have some other colors and designs for each desire. Tube comes with 1,5 meters of foil so it will last a very long time. I asked for the special glue, you can buy both in a combo.

They sent studs too, those little stars in black color. You got to be really carefull because the point of the stars can be lifted if your doing home stuff like cooking. They have a metalic appearence , and very resistant so you can re-use them whenever you want.

You can buy them here

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