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So it finally arrived! Mail service is really strange about clothes, always taking to much time -.-! Well then folded inside a package there was this cute dress :D.

Coco-fashion has a very large catalog of products it was really hard to choose among so many options. Finally I decided to go by some cute look, i love the lolita casual collection. Color was obvious Black and White because is formal :) and I love it better that way n_n.

First thing I notice was the fabric, the upper shirt has soft fabric and the skirt was more thicker all of the dress with those little laces. Even on the sleeves looks really classy, remembered me some Victorian clothing

Buttons were not sewed as hard as it should be, but it was nothing that can´t be fixed :3. 
This dress fits in cold weather since fabric is a bit thicker, it´s really comfortable and skirt lengh is just ok if you want to use a petticoat under. You can match it with a ribbon and gloves for a better look n_-. 

I asked for a Medium size (I´m Small in American-Ecuadorian size), it´s adorable to have a bigger size in Asian clothing :D! This are the measurements:

Length: 81 cm
Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 72 cm
Sleeve Length:  64 cm

I also liked that this kind of dress is difficult to find here, as normal-everyday clothes and not cosplay-maidish thing. 

You can buy the dress here

Black&White Elegant Slim Fit Dress

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