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Neo Vision circle lenses Madonna Violet 13.5mm -Sponsored review for KPOP2


Hi dearest followers! Today I bring you this lenses review brought by my newest sponsors KPOP2. They have new brands of circle lenses so I`m very happy to be one of the first to review them. Package arrived very quick in an adorable pink package!

Costumer service is really quick too! I got the response mail the same day I wrote. I didm`t know which one they would send me so it was a nice surprise when I found out this dark purple lenses :D! Just the ones color I was looking for since I already got lilac ones. They arrived with prescription (I will always tell about this because is important for most of the girls which need to use glasses, in my case even for driving!).
Design is pretty basic, no hello kittens neither hearts drawn :). Color merges well with my dark brown eyes, they have a natural look even if it`s a non normal color as purple x.x. You can use them in casual everyday chores and in cosplay if your character has dark purple eyes. I will give them a try this weekend with Twilight Sparkle and I promise some photos from that :D. 

What I liked the most is that lenses are really soft and light of weight so it`s comfortable to wear them! You have to be careful when you put them on, due to their weight they can easily fall down x_x, didn´t happened but just saying. I didn´t like that the lenses arrived without a case TT.TT, this is very important because almost all the stores sends you one,  luckly I had one since I had to buy them for traveling.
Enlargement is about 14 mm, the smaller one perfect for natural eyes, color stands out better in natural light. Price! that was my first interest KPOP2 has super low price, even more they have lots of discount promotions and they ship to Ecuador TT.TT! You can open you account now to compare different designs, costs and new brands, join now :D!

Madonna Violet 13.5mm
Madonna Violet 13.5mm

Thanks very much for reading, until next review bayu!


9na Convención del Comic - Guayaquil


Remì y Anne Marie aww..
foto por JD Photography

Hola blogger! y todos quienes lo habitan…como en Hairspray tienen que imaginárselo cantado. El tiempo pasa volando y la verdad pido disculpas por no haber subido nada sobre el viaje a Gye. Fue muy grato ver a los amigos de antes y muchas gracias a todos los que son ahora amigos nuevos. Para que contarles sobre el viaje? si eso ya se lo contamos en persona así que subiré algunas fotos, el primer día llevamos el mini team de Madoka Magica con Gigi y Andre. Por su parte los chicos llevaron y estrenaron la temática Steampunk en tierras mas calidas, esperamos se haya implantado la semilla de la curiosidad.

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Black Lace Dress - Sponsored review by Cozbest


Before I lack of time I`ll be doing this review. I received this adorable dress from Cozbest online clothing shop. Shipping was right in time (3 to 4 weeks) because Ecuador is pretty far away x.x

It`s a Honey girl style, very classy and I personally chose it because of the classic shape of the dresses from the 60`s like Audrey Hepburn`s style. Chiffon is a very soft material, lace covers the top giving an adorable detail, on the back is more obvious without a background fabric. The skirt has a second layer so it can look more puffy.

Dress is only in one size so I took the chance, Small is a little bit tight but suited me well but I don`t recommend it for girls with bigger waist or bust…It won't fit -.- because of the belted stripe below the bust.

Bust Size(cm) :84cm
Waist Size(cm) :72cm
Length (cm) :86cm

Everything is sewed perfectly, without lousy strings and it`s very comfortable :D you can wear it in a sunny weather or winter matched with a nice coat. Every girl needs a classy black dress on her closet…get this one n_n!

Color :Black
Material :Chiffon
Neckline :Round Neck
Sleeve Length :Sleeveless
Silhouette :Pleated
Dresses Length :Above Knee
Get it here

Lace Solid Sleeveless Waist Chiffon Dress

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