Blonde wig sponsored by KKcenterhk


 Another wig review, yeay! KKcenterhk sent me a Gill Trendy No Bang Style Long Straight Hair Wig. This time I had more time to think about what beautiful blonde girls could need this wig for cosplay! Other than this is considered a natural color so, it suits for girls who doesn´t want to dye their hair. I thought about some cosplay options for boys, if you got any other idea please be free to comment.


Uniform Army


Another gallery compilation, theme suggested by Marli. She wanted to see some uniform power so lets enjoy! I hope you like this photos, don't forget to step by the cosplayer´s webs! This is some of my personal taste, like everyone I like to watch galleries...cosplay has many talented people! Next compilation will be couples for Valentines day for sure, if anyone has suggestion you can write them on a comment, see ya!

Angie 0-0 - Malaysia

Stayxxx - Taiwan


How was to Interview Kamui Cosplay


Last year I had the great opportunity to interview one of the greatest cosmakers and propmaker in the world :D Kamui Cosplay. I remembered the first time I saw her work, during an international event on Facebook. An amazing and really well detailed armor! Then my WoW gamer friends showed me her blog and since then (several years ago) I watch her tutorials and interview videos even if they are on German.

The hole interview: 
CQ-Magazine 03 

So this had me really nervous, trying to think what should I ask her that are not the common blog questions or boring ones. Some of my friends saw me with the block on my hand wondering what should I do like for a week, rolling on the desk and doing strange faces. I know that was plenty of time but I was worth it! finally i got inspired and i wrote every question , thinking of people would what to know and with a designer sight! that was the most clever idea ever.
Many years since I had not draw a thing, hope you like Gizmo

Svetlana send back her answers and I couldn't be more happy. They were interesting, funny and long. She has been my best interviewee since we began this magazine :3. Then I had another inner trouble, translation but Nani saved me, we have a small but wonderful team in CQ-Magazine. I asked Svetlana about our country and said she would love to know it :). 

Her amazing pieces of work 


Some pictures and questions didn´t got published so for our lucky readers here they are!

  • Sewing is important too, how is your relation with your sewing machine? what brands is yours?

He he, I try to avoid sewing as good as I can. As I already told you, I just hate my sewing machine (a cheap Singer) and always try to forget the horrible hours I had to spent in front of it. I’m anything else than a talented or passionate seemstress. I’m much more a prop maker, I love to create armor and weapons and sewing is much more a part which is sometimes just neccessary.

  • What are your favorite games?
At the moment I play the new expansion of World of Warcraft and Skyrim a lot, but I’m also a huge fan of Bayonetta, Pokemon, Patapon, Okami and the old Final Fantasy games. I also love strategy games like Age of Empires, Starcraft II or Warcraft and surely also still enjoy Diablo III or Aion.

  • Who do you admire? from cosplay world and outside of it?
I don’t admire anybody. I have many talented friends, but I don’t really have any idols. However I really love the work of amazing prop makers like Volpin or BlindSquirrel and I’m thankful for all the time, effort and love my husband Benni gives me. 

  • Your favorite book?
I sadly don’t have time to read a lot, but I’m a huge fan of the Warcraft books. 

Azulita y Desvarios

Fotos - Vintage


Después de mucho esperarlo volvimos  a los planes malvados con Azukichi :D, con quien hice algunas fotos el 30 de Diciembre como para finalizar bien el año. En esta ocasión su mamá nos acompaño y entre las tres nos fuimos de paseo para hacer fotos.

El clima estuvo bien, a ratos salía el sol y otras veces se nublaba pero jamas cayo lluvia. Con Azuki fuimos escogiendo los atuendos mientras bajábamos hacia Guapulo. Hace tiempo que no iba para allá, la ultima vez fue cuando aprendíamos a hacer bocetos hace años en la U. Sigo siendo muy cohibida para las fotos así, Azuki me tuvo mucho paciencia, a medida que cambiaba de atuendos me ponía mas a gusto, supongo será por las pelucas.

Paginas de Azuki, hechen un vistazo a su trabajo:

Luego de eso Azukichi publico algunas fotos en pocas horas y ahí surgió el termino Vintage aunque no creo que ese era el propósito, solo salió así. Durante esa tarde Azu me dijo : ves ya hay fotos, tanto que decías que no tienes fotos al natural. Seguía con peluca pero si ya no son fotos con cosplay. Estoy muy feliz con el resultado, salieron verdaderamente hermosas. Fue una tarde muy productiva.


Let´s do Ramen!


Dentro de mis muchos y variados pasatiempos, aprendí hace algunos años a preparar el famoso Yakibuta Ramen. Luego con cada reunión cocinar era indispensable para todos así que comenzaron la reuniones de lasaña, chile con carne, macarrones con queso, pizzas en formas de montaña, pavos navideños, parrilladas, etc. Para celebrar el cumpleaños del grupo se nos ocurrió hacer un festival asiático. Dentro del menú decidimos repetir el famoso Ramen!

La receta acontinuación...

circle lens

Circle Lens giveaway and promotions


Cute Emidoll is giving away a 100$ credit on Special Lens , If you feel lucky you can give it a try :D

But if you are more than realistic you can buy some new lens with these promotion by Uniqso , 9.80$ per pair!
Crazy Pop is also into this giveaway special treats for us! A beautiful and girly bag...give it a try.


2012 en un rectángulo


Para seguir con la tradición blogger aquí están los cosplays del 2012, que aunque yo creí fueron pocos solo hice uno menos que el año pasado. Lamentablemente el año pasado transcurrió muy rápido y de pronto ya era el cumpleaños CQ y luego Navidad. Pero en resumen fue un buen año.

- Este año fui jueza en un concurso de cosplay, fue una experiencia muy divertida y stalkeaba a todos los participantes.

- Lanzamos CQ-Magazine, un proyecto grupal que mas lo siento propio porque la mayor cantidad de tiempo lo hemos invertido ahí. Es nuestra plataforma para mostrar al mundo lo mejor el cosplay ecuatoriano, estamos por sacar la edición numero #3 y este año tenemos muchas sorpresas.

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