When wigs don´t arrive, an e-bay tragedy


So you are saving for the hole cosplay: fabrics, shoes, lenses, accessories (material for the base, primer, paint, etc) and the holy wig! We live so far so we gotta wait longer 1 to 2 months in the best of the cases. But when you are in a hurry and with not all the money you can take a short cut and buy a wig not so expensive…with the risk of seeing none of it.

That`s what happened early this year, the time of the year I usually buy all the wigs I need for at least half of the year (Xmas arrives with lots of presents n_n) and only one didn´t arrive. E-bay is like a Russian roulette, some stores are really quick and the seller a very kind person but other times….! 

Please wait at least 3 months, is on the way, we asure you that the item was sent, I can´t sent another one because of reasons, I can´t return the money in at least 3 months and so on until the case is closed! 

We thought it was a normal store, but in the same month they received a lot of negative feed backs but it was too late and I lost my money, my patience and I have no wig. It was not a lot of cash but the cosplay is ready since January and I can´t use it TT.TT and I haven´t bought another one because there is no savings for that (is already time for new lenses). And so on this is my little story so I leave you the LINK since they are changing the name lately.  It`s like talking about an Ex…must not say the name loud because Argggggh! 

Please be careful while buying things on e-bay, I just bought in that store because my trustful wig store of the hole life didn´t have that color TT.TT.  Always ask for advice and hear your cosplay sempais…they know what`s the best for you and your pocket.

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