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Back to Circle Lenses reviews! I´m pretty happy to be back blogging and with some good news. Today I bring these beautiful green lenses ideal for daily use or cosplay.

Arrived just in time and it´s the best packaging so far. Inside the cardboard box there was another small box with the Brand name, instructions and the glass recipients with the lenses fixed on a plastic base. They send me a small gift too :).

more instructions :)

The design has a brighter green on the inner circle and a little more dark green outside. This gives the lenses a very natural look while using them, they merged nice with my dark brown eyes so I recommend them very much. Green is a difficult color because if the balance is not right you can look like having radioactive eyes TT.TT.
These lenses are very outstanding in dark rooms, outside and in photos with flash.

how they arrived
case was not sent with these lenses



with flash

Lenses are wide are just fine, not so large to look unnatural and not so small like common lenses. They make a fair difference like shown on the reference picture below.

Left eye without the lens


These lenses are very soft so is easy to put them on and is very comfortable while their use.
PastelNoodle has a very large range of prescription choice for each eye, from 0.00 to 8.00. Relay on your doctors measurements for this.  


- Remember you can use them 8 hours long, more than that can harm your eyes without the proper care.
- Clean them with lenses liquid before and after the use, these can prolong the product life for a year or more.
- PastelNoodles has this lens design on Brown, Gray and Blue color too!

You want to see more pictures and information, don´t forget to check out my video:

Buy them here Green Lenses

Once again thanks for reading and we will be seeing soon :). 

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