Nonon Jakuzure - review Skycostume


 Nonon Jakuzure

Kill la Kill

Cosplay by Skycostume, Props by Cinnamon Annie

Photos: Andre Cosplay and Hylif Workshoop

I was finally able to take Nonon for a convention! There are many events this time of the year but we can´t go to everything because we are crafting and sewing for the bigger con at the city. Anyway we got time to go and make some amazing photos with my friends.

From head to toes:

Once the cosplay arrived
from SKYCostumes I began to make the cap, I used styrofoam to shape the skull, then I covered it with paper and priming. Then it was painted with acrylic and the face is white Eva foam. The base is cardboard with fabric (I tried to found the same color as the dress but it was not lucky) and Eva details. 

For the wig I think J boy bought it to torture me XD, he has a load of wigs to sell and among them was this pink one. Had to styled it because was too long, for the video I used my Serah wig tied up but it was not the right color T.T. Now I have to do 2 other cosplays with this pink one to be even.

Recently I had the tortuous task of dumping some circle lenses, among them my pink ones TT.TT! Trash claimed 7 pair of lenses that day. I was using other ones for the convention.

Make up was not so hard to do, because I have used pink hair several times this year ;D

Unboxing Video :

Well I talked about the dress on the video but there are still some details: 

- Gabardine style fabric is really soft and light. Has a very accurate color.
- It´s very comfortable to wear
- For the video the neck got dirty with the make up so I had to wash the dress. Very easy to wash :D, I used soft soap and hot water because it was new .
- Then I had to iron the dress, it was easy too on mid temperature.

 So here are the photos in Expocolecciones! 

You can buy this costume here: 

- 1st uniform
They also have the Black uniform and Black boots

Last but not least I would like to thank SkyCostume for giving me the chance to review one of their products. This was a really nice experience since I never have time to make many of the cosplays I want. Since they send me the dress I had plenty of time to think and build the was useful help! I recomend the store, the admins are really nice and have some patience to answer all the questions.  

This is the cosplay list so I can remember everything I have to pack:

So! until next time...good luck with your cosplays ;D

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