Cosplay - Annie Frostfire skin - League of Legends


League of Legends
WCG games 2013
Photos by Cesar Morejón and Lola Cevallos

It´s a bit late I know...but here it is Annie as Annie forever! Tibers was made out of a bunny, and the cosplay from another costume that the owner never came to see. It was hard to get the same fabric for the skirt but it was possible :).

Kaze lend me her wig *thanks* and since I didn´t had long boots I made a pair of covers with was a mess to sew them but I like how big they are xD.

Backpack was made with recicled fabric too. I don´t know if I will be able to wear this cosplay again T.T but for the time being enjoy my first Annie.

In the distant universe, there was the event. A bunch of my friends looking gooood...
Super spongy skirt
and boots
 Painting! as always

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