Cosplay Guide/ Guía Cosplay Dagas Tauriel


Long time! sorry for not uploading things here but I have lots of work…and no time for the personal projects. Good thing is that I might be able to finally save for a new sewing machine!. For now I share with you a new Ai for Tauriel´s daggers.

I made them with eva, like masters of Gye have teach us! I was very easy to do and paint. The night before the Hobbit 2 premier we made them…they came out pretty good n_n.

About the cosplay I used fake leather for the chest piece and the arms. Bow was made out of a chair but that will be another tutorial! For now I share with you the drawing of the daggers, hope is useful for every Tauriel in process. Good luck and don´t forget to follow the blog.

Tauriel Daggers. Ai

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