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This was a dream, receiving a wig from my sponsors KKCenterhk just in time when I decided not to buy more this year :D. It was really difficult to chose one, there where so many and beautiful wigs. Finally it was due to lack of color, which one I didn't had for any cosplay plan. So here it is a really Orange straight long wig n_n.

Product Description

Color: D24E
Hair Type : Synthetic
Length: 66 cm/31 inches
Straight, with bang
Adjustable To Size To Your Head
Buy it here http://www.kkcenterhk.com/p564/Gill-31%22-Length-Extra-Long-Full-Bang-Straight-Full-Wigs/product_info.html

More photos above...

The product arrived in a well protected envelop, through air mail. The store ships world wide.
The first thing I noticed was that fibers were of different colors, some are more light blonde, others really orange and the darkest ones lightly red orange…so cute :3! It´s soft to touch, so it comfortable to use and to brush too. Washing instructions come along with the wig so don't miss them, its pretty useful since wigs are like clothes, some need some different procedures to wash.
Close up to Fibers
Photo with Flash
Photo on Natural Light 
Close up

Since I made the photos some friends have suggested me doing some characters with this wig, the color is versatile since in anime many mangakas like this vivid orange on girls :D. Some are too, how can I say not my style but I have good plans for this wig so don't worry!
Orihime Inoue - Bleach

Sonsaku Hakufu - Ikkitousen
Shirabe Ako - Cure Muse

Yatsuba Arisu - Cure Rosetta 
Shirley - code Geass

Saint Tail

Kasumi - Dead or alive
Fawn from Tinkerbell , they look a bit creppy right x_x?

Blossom from PPG

and in the Zeta version

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