Dolly Eye Crystal.i Green - Sponsored review by Uniqso


photo by Andres Villegas

 HI! I`m not uploading new cosplay photos if you wonder by, since I still have lots of work to do. But until then I have plenty of reviews to write. Back to Circle Lens , this time these beautiful Green Lenses sponsored by Uniqso.
Photo by Joseph Moreira

They arrived just in time, delivery was really quick. I made a video of how to open the glass bottles , it`s on Spanish but is pretty clear. I was really happy because I was able to test them on my Rogue Cosplay! As usual from Uniqso they sent me powered circle lens.

Design is a little more natural, has a casual look so they can be used in Cosplay as well as in every day activities. Merged with my eyes (Dark Brown color) is more like dark green. Dolly crystal is the new brand of dolly`s so don´t miss them! they are cute :3 and Uniqso has a very large Catalog of Products by name and color

They are really easy to put on since we where in a more tropical climate, but be careful not to mix the right and the left lenses because each one adapts to the eye curvature. Mixing them can be hurtful.  If you have some of that kind of problems you can always read these Lens Tips


I was able to wear them 8 hours long the first time so they are really comfortable, but if your are not used to using contact lens you should start with 4-5 hours. 

with Li as Storm

with beautiful Blackcat 
Photo by Joseph Moreira 
 selfshoot, we all are wearing circle lens n_-

Product description:
Brand:Dolly Eye (EOS)
Product Code: LNDE018GR
Reward Points: 10
Availability: In Stock

Buy them here  Dolly Eye Crystal.i Green

I hope you liked the photos!

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