Geekmundo Interview and Plaza Colón video


Hi! I return with an English entry for the time beeing. While we are preparing for our next event I have very short time for my cosplay projects. Actually I realized that this year I have made less costumes than last year! TT.TT I thought that I have more but I think I have made more for others than for me. But I realized that we have traveled more :D, we have meet new friends, and more interviews! Really interesting ones (at least people makes me new interesting questions).

First one! Geekmundo made by Estefany :D, thanks very much for the opportunity! 

The other one was a video Gye , I really missed timing with this one because it was recently published. We appear on the first minutes. Enjoy!  

That is for now, hopefully I will return with some photos this week...because if I`m lucky I will get a new job...difficult, long and complicated x.x.


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