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It has been a while! back to product reviews for your cosplay life :D . This post is about these beautiful wine red contact lenses from Uniqso.

Bubble wrap in hard envelop, everything arrived just fine. Inside was an individual small box for the bottle of the right contact, individual transparent box for the left contact and the plastic case

Has an outer black line to define the shape.Transparent red color so it can merge with the natural color of the eyes and little inner lines to make it a bit more natural looking. Red is a difficult tone, but this brand makes the eye seem less radioactive-intense-red than other cosplay lenses. They do not look like sharingan! 

14 mm is very natural looking size, perfect for cosplay.

These lenses are very soft so it is easy to put them on.

Uniqso has a large range of prescription choices for each eye, from 0.00 to -7.00. Relay on your doctors measurements before you buy them. I asked for two lenses with different power, they were able to send them without a problem

Uniqso send the package within 3 working days. Lenses arrived after two months to my country but national postal office took two months more to release it :(. I was very concerned that the box got lost or anything else…so if you are buying your cosplay lenses keep in mind that it could take a while to arrive (specially in Ecuador -_-!)

- Remember you can use them 8 hours straight, more than that can harmfull your eyes without the proper care.
- Clean the lenses with contact liquid before and after each use, these can extend the product life for a year or more.
- Uniqso has this lens design in pink, grey, green, yellow and blue color too!

Where to buy them:

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