Dreamy Pink Lens for IszoCircleLens


♥ IszoCircle​Lens ♥ has sent me this beautiful pink lens to try them Dreamy Pink
They are natural looking so I`m thinking of wearing them even without cosplay.
My sponsors have them in different colors even with with measurement :D, 
I will not complain wearing them with Iori cosplay because i will not crash with the other idols while dancing n.n

In the bottle you can appreciate the pink color, did`t take the photo in the case because is pink too...too much PINK!

There, you see I`m somehow blind xP
The little more pink envelop, this came in a wrap of bubbles and other envelop by Air mail.
Sunshine came out when I was about to take lens off, lucky I had my cam near.
They have a very large diameter so is easy to stand out a bit, but this somehow look even cuter. I use them a while practicing dance issues, filming and taking the photos, they are comfortable. My natural color is brown and with these lens they became brighter...girly I know. 


Diameter : 14.5mm

Base Curve : 8.6mm
Lens' Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable
Water Content: 38%
Labelled by: DollyEye

The design kept the eye simple looking but the outer line gives that extra large eye look. I liked how shiny (like some girl in love) they look in the photos :3. For this photos I tried a new character, Satsuki Momoi from Kuroko no basuke since I already have the hoodie and a red bow. I felt super lazy to wear the skirt, other day can be xD.

I tried, how can I say...to reach her front size. A pretty funny experience lol but was kind of difficult to show that in the photos XD.

You can use your Dreamy Pink lens for these characters :)

Darker than Black
Guilty Crown
 Takakura Himari
ひまり ピング
Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere
Zero no Tsukaima
Madoka Magica
 Shinozaki Rika
Rozen Maiden
Balck cat
 Risa Koizumi
Lovely Complex

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