Twilight Gray - Big Eye' Circle Lenses for Uniqso


My 4th pair of Twilight lens finally arrived, this time I will share with you the Gray tone  Big Eye' Circle Lenses sponsored by Uniqso~

Having a plain color helps you to spot the dirty when the lens are in the case and is easier to clean them outside of it. It´s something I discovered with the blue once which I have them almost a year, I think is time to buy new ones. Uniqso have all 7 colors of the series!. 
Big Eye' Circle Lenses...



Natural Light

 Even in the shadows you can see them
The outer black line makes them look even bigger. They have a very large diameter and the design makes you look like you have big anime eyes. It doesn't matter what color of eyes you have because lens cover all, some natural looking lens have that problem merging. Gray Twilight are very outstanding!

Very easy to use and to wear, first time using them was 2 hours long and i didn't need drops, but for a longer time you have to. I´m very happy with them because they come with power and you don't feel them in the eye. 

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 Buy them HERE
Diameter 14,8mm
Base curve 8.70mm
Replacement period 12 months
Free lens case with every pair

This was a character try with wig and lens, now I need to finish the outfit :) 
I already want the hole team to be ready T.T

 Characters with gray eyes
It´s not surprise in this blog to talk about the color, specially when wearing circle lens for cosplay. This grayish blue tone is perfect, even though it´s not a common color among characters they reflect a strong personality.

Lightning - Final Fantasy
Caterina Sforza - Trinity Blood
Dante - Devil May Cry
Jessica Ushiromiya - Umineko no naku koro ni
Takashi Morinozuka - OHSHC
Every Claymore girl
 Tessa - Fullmetal Panic
Sekai - School days
Simca - Air Gear
Alphonse Elric - FMA
Clow - CLAMP
 Chrome Dokuro - Reborn
Shinra Kishitani - Drrr!!
Kushina Uzumaki - Naruto Shippuden

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