Blonde wig sponsored by KKcenterhk


 Another wig review, yeay! KKcenterhk sent me a Gill Trendy No Bang Style Long Straight Hair Wig. This time I had more time to think about what beautiful blonde girls could need this wig for cosplay! Other than this is considered a natural color so, it suits for girls who doesn´t want to dye their hair. I thought about some cosplay options for boys, if you got any other idea please be free to comment.

About the wig, fiber is thin so it´s easy to comb and style. All are light blonde so color is uniform. Has no bang, so hair root on top has fake skin, a plastic base skin toned. Store has another blonde more yellow tone and dark black in the same model.

Color Shown : B88#
Hair Type : Synthetic
Adjustable To Size To Your Head

Remember: If your buying at KKcenterhk you can have 10% discount with the coupon code : Annie Cosplay Coupon

Buy it HERE

So lets talk about cosplay:
Harley quiin - Arkham asylum Batman

Emma Frost - X-men 

Sue Storm - Fantastic Four 

Juliet - Lollipop CSM 

Nina - Tekken

 Super girl - Superman

Lucy - Fairy Tail 

Riza - FMA

Miria - Claymore 

Rin Kagamine Meltdown - Vocaloids 

 Integra - Hellsing

Any Elf girl

Tsunade - Naruto 

 Ino - Naruto

Misa Amane - Death note
Fiona - Adventure Time

Legolas - Lord of the Rings 

 2 members from DMC!  
 Deidara - Naruto

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