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Now that I have to work and meet with clients I needed to change my outfits, no more jeans and t-shirts, ragged hoods or big skymal coats for everyday look. Looking in local stores I found some cute clothes but expensive, other cost less but with awful colors and fabrics (what is with yellow and green lately?). Once again I started looking over the internet in asian stores, I was crazy with the loll blouses, spring dresses, gothic jackets and plenty of shoes!…Then the sadness many of them didn't shipped to Ecuador TT.TT

I found after a month 2 or 3 stores that actually send their products to my country, not so expensive prices and nice clothes. Asian fashion is a difficult trend since it is not easy to get those clothes, I see girls wearing or trying to achieve this style on K-pop fans and Anime convention attendants. Here we have a unique Ulzzang fashion blogger KAZE with here own Fans Club (they follow her advises and actually copy every style of her o.o...famous) Since then I have bought 2 jackets and they arrived in 3 weeks. Then I discovered COCO Fashion. They have a very large catalogue with vintage, girly, rocker , formal and even gala clothing. COCO has bags and shoes too, until now I haven´t even seen half of the products.

I have a lil interest in fashion due to my career so I decided for this first entry mix my passion over anime and manga. So it´s like a characters Runway! with combinations made by me with COCO products.

I looked up for the most popular girls in anime from last year, but they were not so interesting like others from the animus that have become a -must see- list. Then i decided to try two looks from each serie beginning with Fujioka Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club.  She has a peculiar look changing from girly to boyish looks all over the manga story from were I extracted these two:

All clothes on the collages are from COCO catalogue

Grey Loose Hoodie
Pink Loose T-shirt
Marron Short Pants

White Polka Dot Dress
Black & White Heels
Round Neck Lace Coat
We continue this runway with two beautiful girls from Guilty Crown, Inori a timid girl but with strong will and Tsugumi with a loud personality and cherish energy. Each one has her style defined even in battle. Much more a dark tendency and mixed with actual asian fashion tendency.
Black Thin Shoulder Dress
Black Long Heels

Red Bat T-shirt
Black Winter Boots with Zip
Black fitted Leggin Lather imitation

And so for the very last too special guests… I really like Ai Yazawa work she has a very unique drawing style and so she loves fashion too. For this first edition I chooses Nana, I mean both Nanas since they have different character and personality traits. A rocker-band singer girl living with a pink and lace lover...

Beige Dress with Cat Print
Light Pink Flats
Retro Vintage Beige Bag
Black Platform Boots
Black Glitter Blouse
Black Winter Jacket
Gold Slim Leggins

I hope you ilke this entry, is the first time I upload some clothing combinations here, so I really wish to keep these theme active mixd with characters from anime *wishing to stars good luck for the sponsorship*. See ya!

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