Uniform Army


Another gallery compilation, theme suggested by Marli. She wanted to see some uniform power so lets enjoy! I hope you like this photos, don't forget to step by the cosplayer´s webs! This is some of my personal taste, like everyone I like to watch galleries...cosplay has many talented people! Next compilation will be couples for Valentines day for sure, if anyone has suggestion you can write them on a comment, see ya!

Angie 0-0 - Malaysia

Stayxxx - Taiwan

Fairy - Vietnam
 Dalfe - Autralia
Jingkoto - Vietnam 
NanjoKoji - Germany 
Loonglenn - China
Ravenic - Germany
Lenneth - Singapur 

Magicalmika - Philippines
Alysael - Australia 
Kouya - Japan
Luno - South Korea
Sussi - China

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