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Since my old and first circle lens were out of use I decided to buy new ones, actually I thought of getting the same model but looking for a better store I found these: The Twilight series 

The color seamed really outstanding so we bought them, with prescription. The package arrived really quick, I used them for the very first time with my Elise cosplay in a convention, the ladies asked me about them since the color is notorious.

Product Description
Diameter : 15mm
Base Curve : 
Lens' Lifetime : 
1 Year Disposable
Water Content: 55% 

As for Photos I got this when I used my Stocking angel costume, this are the comparative images:

I recommend this kind of lens for cosplay, the color is very obvious even without flash. I will be receiving other colors from this brand since I liked it so much. There will be more reviews for sure.

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