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Some days ago i received my new lens from Iszo circle lens ! They came with a very cute case of red birds, and with prescription too. 

 I really loved this design because they enlarge the eye and the color is very vibrant.  I chose this color because some anime characters have this color of eye but it´s very difficult to find lens that can show off this tone. Ever since i saw them on the glass bottle the yellow look so powerful and when i wore them people got scared, very funny XD. 

They have 15mm diameter, and human iris in comparison is 12mm. They are very comfortable to use, very soft to touch. 

Product description:
Base Curve : 8.6mm

Lifetime : 1 Year Disposable

Water Content: 55% 

Manufacturer: Vassen (sunnbon)

Labelled by: Twilight Cosplay

* For Hygiene Purpose, you're suggested to change your circle lenses every 3mths.

You can buy them HERE , if you need a discount you can use this code
AnaJ10 to get the discount coupon of the AAAtelier.

More photos! 

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