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Hi! Circle Lens sent me these amazing lens, EOS Adult brown. They are very natural looking others than I usually use for cosplay. My eyes are brown so there is no big difference but in the close up photos you can actually see how they get clear :).

EOS Brand

Brown, but they sold them with prescription too

Very clear looking

They are 14mm diameter, it doesn`t look so big but these should be natural looking so it`s ok, they call attention even without being too large.

They look very cute, color merge really well with the eyes so they doesn`t frighten away XD. You can really stand out in photos with flash, the description says Brown but it`s more like Hazelnut.

They fit in really fast but while I was using them i felt lens like the ones made of crystal, but it was due to the curve. When you use them more you will get use to :D.

Product description:
1 year 
Adult series is for natural enhancement and have very minimal enlargement.  
You can buy them HERE

With black hair bigger is the contrast :D

It`s my Homura try with headband and all OuO, don`t know yet if I will use these lens with the Homura cosplay.
A lil gift from my dear Sponsor :D

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