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My dearest sponsor HoneyColor sent me Super Pinky Bright Red Lens, shipping took a little bit of time but it was worth of it. Red lens are very difficult to buy, because some designs are not colorful enough or comfortable to wear many hours (experience of other cosplayers who have wrote about them) so I hope this review be helpful for anyone future lens shopping :).

Adorable packaging
How the cristal vessel looks like, they came with prescription OuO


Enlargement: The difference between the normal diameter is pretty obvious. If you want a dramatic look this is perfect for halloween vampires or demons, big eyes to enchant them all :D.  

Design: Once on the eyes they gain color, Red gets brighter. Even without many light color is notorious. They have a very natural design, like a normal eye with expressive lines. If you need a more natural look this are perfect, not like other with a plain design.

Comfortability: They fit really well on the eye, I took my time putting them on but I used them 6 hours long without any trouble.    For some reason left eye begin to itch but with lens tears they were ok.

Product Specification

Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.8 mm
Water content:  45%
Package:   1 contact lens case included

You can buy them HERE

Some photos using them 

Bright :D!

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