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Hi! I´m back with another review, this time the last part of what KkcenterHK sent me. I decided to try out this glitter, is pretty small so it looks really cute :3.

I´m not used to wear this kind of colors, neither this sparkly ones but it´s for my SeeU cosplay :D, vocaloids need glitter all the way. 

Product description:
Brand New With Original Retail Packing
100% Authentic
Color : B0401
Net Weight : 10g
Size : 0.2mm Or 1/128
Bottles Made Of Plastic

It´s very easy to try on, you just need to put transparent nail polish and merge the finger int he recipient and then apply more polish when it gets dry. Nails look very shiny on the photos, i bet girls use them for going party….yeah wild parties xD! I washed my hands and made some work with the hands and they didn´t came out.

I recommend this glitters if you want to stand out :), KKcenter has them in many and beautiful colors and diameters…yeah right glitter comes in difference sizes, i didn´t know either 8D. 
diameter in the back

They have new nail products if you want to check out :), if you are doing shopping there please be free to use the AAAAtelier Coupon Code: Annie Cosplay Coupon to get a discount. Thanks for reading then, i hope everyone likes the photos :D. 

To buy this Glitter go to this -Page-
A special thanks to my sponsor :D. 

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